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Leader in the Industry As a trusted leader in the industry, we have earned the loyalty of over 179,000 + customers
by providing secure, reliable, and high-speed hosting solutions backed by exceptional customer support.

Experience Unbreakable Security

Block Storage
High Performance Scaleable app storage solution
Load Balancers
Efficient Traffic distribution for high availablity
Cloud Firewalls
Robust security shields for app and
data protection
Automated, rilabale data protection
and quick recovery.
Point-in-time instance
backups for easy restoration
Object Storage
Flexible cost effective storage for unstructured Data

Here's Why Customers like You Trust
WPSDATA for Security and Speed.

“ Very good pricing, simplicity of handling cloud portal even a non technical person can deploy the server, you got a provisioned server for windows, load balancer is easy to deploy which is awesome, Best part is support, immediate support on call.”
Sayali Koche
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