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Effortless DNS Management

User-friendly interface and advanced security measures give you complete control
over your DNS records.

Simplify Your DNS Management Process

Add, edit, or delete DNS records for your domain, such as A records, CNAME records, MX records, and TXT records.
Configure DNS settings like TTL (time to live) values, name server records, and DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) settings to enhance DNS infrastructure security and reliability.
Total control over DNS records without stress
Full control over your DNS records and settings, including advanced options. Simplify your workflow, enhance security, and optimize performance with ease.
Highly-Available DNS Records
DNS records are cached worldwide, ensuring fast DNS lookups and automatic failover to redundant servers during outages.
Expert Support
Get quick and reliable assistance 24/7 from our team of experts, ensuring your DNS management needs are always taken care of.
Effortless DNS Management
A user-friendly interface and simplified management tools make it easy to manage your DNS records and without technical knowledge.
Automated DNS Management Simplify and automate DNS zone management through API, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.
Experience Value-Added Features
Import Zones with Ease
Migrate your domains from another provider using zone transfers with ease, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.
Accurate Domain Resolution
Ensure accurate domain resolution and direct traffic to the right server with “A” record mapping, which maps your domain name to a specific IP address.
Have Any Questions?
Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Answers!
Our DNS Manager provides a user-friendly interface, automated management, and expert support, ensuring your DNS records are accurate, available, and secure.
We use advanced security measures, including DNSSEC, DDoS protection, and Two-Factor Authentication, to ensure your DNS records are safe from unauthorized access or modification.
Our 24/7 support team is available to provide quick and reliable assistance with any issues you may encounter, ensuring your DNS management needs are always taken care of.
You can easily import your domains using zone transfers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition to our DNS management solution.
Automate the management of your DNS zones through the WPSDATA Cloud Manager or API, saving you time and effort while ensuring accurate and reliable DNS resolution.
Get started today and empower your business to reach new heights!
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