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Year, 2023
Rebranded as WPSDATA
Took a bold step and rebranded Microhost as WPSDATA, with the powerful aim of breaking businesses free from the circle of using the same old cloud providers. We recognised that businesses were missing out on the benefits of exploring alternative options. With WPSDATA, we’re empowering businesses to grow and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
Year, 2022
Introduced high-end cloud products.
Year, 2022 Rebuilt cloud platform with upgraded features like 4X cloud speed, VPC, block storage, and object storage. Plus, added high-end security features to ensure maximum protection.
Year, 2021
Introduced Dedicated R&D Team
We continued to innovate by adding updated templates, managed Kubernetes, and a marketplace knowledge base. We also developed a dedicated research team to analyze upcoming challenges in the cloud industry and resolve them proactively before they impact our clients’ businesses.
Year, 2020
Made platform more powerful
Added several enhanced features to our cloud platform, including cloud firewall, DNS, and enterprise VPN. We also introduced HA architecture to our platform, which further enhanced our customers’ experience.
Year, 2019
Added Enhanced Features
Launched load balancers after receiving feedback from customers who were earlier facing downtime, to provide a better experience to customers.
Year, 2018
Launched India’s First Cloud Platform
Launched India’s first cloud platform with user-friendly self-managed scalable VMs. This was a significant milestone for us, as it allowed us to provide even more flexible and advanced hosting solutions to our clients.
Year, 2016
India’s First Event For Bloggers
Launched an initiative event called BlogX, which was India’s first event dedicated to recognizing and appreciating YouTubers and Bloggers in creating high-quality content.
Year, 2015
Acquisitions of WPSDATA.com
Acquired wpsdata.com, which enabled us to expand our services and reach more customers. We continue to grow and innovate.
Year, 2010
Started as Web Hosting Provider
Our journey began as a web hosting company with a mission to make hosting more accessible and affordable for businesses.
“Building a Better Cloud, Together”
Through a customer-focused approach, we’re building a better cloud for everyone.
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