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Partnership Programme

Boost your business growth while making your customers happy.
Get financial rewards, high commission rates, sales and marketing tools, expert tech support, and 24×7 human assistance.

Put a Smile on Your Customers' Faces.

With simple, secure, and affordable cloud solutions, upgrade your,
customers’ infrastructure to double their performance in just a few minutes.

Transparent pricing

Unlock the industry’s most affordable pricing with WPSDATA . No hidden fees or surprises. Enjoy fixed, predictable pricing for big savings.

Affordable cloud solutions

Make your customers stick with you by offering customized, cost-effective cloud solutions as per their use case and needs.

Profitable solutions

Gain exclusive access to solution engineers and customer success experts. We’ll work together to provide clients and you with top-tier solutions that drive profitability.

Free human support.

Experience 24/7 human support at no additional charge. Whether it is day or night, our team is there to assist you because we care about our customers like a mother.

Partnership Levels

The cloud ecosystem that is built to support the success of partners like you.
Platinum Partnership Programme
Platinum Partnership Programme

Growing Partners

“WPSDATA is an amazing partner. Solutions are flexible and grow with needs, which our customers really like.
Scaling resources up or down as needed has increased our efficiency, made our customers happy and
maximized our profits.”
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