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Why Paid Web Hosting is better than Free Hosting

Free Hosting

The majority of hosting options have two types of tiers: free and paid. Free hosting is ideal for individuals who currently constructing a website or just want to test a hosting service before making a full commitment. Typically, many features are available but a limited capacity. For example, features such as server speed, disk space, and monthly traffic and file size could be capped to a certain amount. Also, some features, such as password and virus protection are not available with a free hosting service. Therefore, upgrading one's hosting service is an option. Normally, individuals using a free hosting service can upgrade to a paid plan without losing any of their information if they stay with the same company.

Paid Hosting

In contrast with a free hosting service, a paid hosting service offers all the features that are at a limited capacity or not available with the latter. A paid plan is ideal for individuals who are constructing a website for professional purposes. Therefore, they need as much freedom to construct their website as possible. Features that are limited in capacity such as server speed, disk space and monthly traffic are unlimited. Also, opting for a paid hosting service provides other services such as backup capabilities, email forwarding, and SITE builder. In addition, many companies that provide this service tend to have a money back guarantee. Therefore, consumers can test out what paid hosting plan is ideal for their websites without the full commitment.

Features FREE Service PAID Service
Server Speed Fast Up to 70% Faster
Disk Space 1 GB Up to Unlimited Space
  Monthly Traffic 5 GB/mo Up to Unlimited Transfer
Domains Hosted 1 Up to Unlimited
 File Size Limit 2 MB No Limit
SITE Builder
 Zacky App Installer
 Custom php.ini
  Custom A record
 Custom MX records
 CNAME records
 Custom 404 pages
 Password Protection
Spam/Virus Protection
 Email Forwarding
 PHP Version 5 5