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Affiliate Program

A: The website migration service offered by WPS DATA is totally free of charge and involves moving all your web files, databases and emails from your present provider to your brand new web hosting account with us. We’ll also fine–tune all the configuration settings needed for your web sites to be completely operational on our advanced cloud hosting platform. Our technicians are fully capable of moving any type of web site. With years of work experience in this field, they are well–versed in the specificities of our web hosting platform, our Control Panel and all other widely used Control Panels. For them, moving a custom web app with many custom libraries is as easy as moving a simple WordPress weblog.

By driving customers to us, you will receive commission from 50% of the sale. What could be better than offering a great service to those that visit your web site, and making substantial revenue for doing that? You only send visitors to us, we’ll do the rest and you get your commission.

Affiliate Control Panel features:

  • Receive all the technical and billing support you need
  • View payments by sign-up statistics
  • Download your personalized tracking code
  • Track your commission payouts

These are banners and text links that you put on your site and refer clients to us through them. They let us track the sales referred by you and allows you to get the commissions.

Yes, with our affiliate engine you can put a suffix on every banner to track from which banner/link you get the most sales. The suffix is an optional code it could be a word number or just random symbols through which you can name your banner and monitor its performance.

Affiliates commissions are issued and paid on net-60 day basis, between 10-15th day of the month (for instance commission for August will be paid between 10-15th of October). Payment is reduced by $30 for bank fees and charges if payment method is bank wire transfer or check. For Paypal or Moneybookers there is no fee for payouts. Commission is issued and paid if your affiliate balance reaches $100.

There are four different payment methods through which you get paid: PayPal, Moneybookers, Bank transfer, Paper check. Make sure that you provide the correct payment details, so we can pay out your commissions in a timely manner.