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Find the right way @ our F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions better known with its abbreviation – F.A.Q. is your source base to look at first once you met difficulties using our services. We have collected the most repeatedly asked common and technical questions and presented them in text instructions as well as their detailed answers. All the topics are selected to ease your work with our services – Web Hosting, Domain Names and SSL services. Separate F.A.Q. source is available for each separate Control Panel – Web Hosting Control Panel, Domain Names Control Panel and SSL Control Panel. More explicit information on how to use our services is available inside every specific interface section of the control panel you utilize, look for Need Help links.

Hosting Control Panel F.A.Q.

  1. I haven’t received my welcome email. What should I do?
  2. How do I start/upload my site to your hosting?
  3. I would like to close my account. How?
  4. Why is my site showing “This domain still has no index.html page uploaded!” page?
  5. What PHP functions are disabled on free accounts?
  6. Can I change my php.ini settings and/or switch to php 5.x/4.x?
  7. I lost my username/Client ID and/or password. What can be done?
  8. I uploaded my site but it doesn’t show up when I type in my domain/subdomain in a browser.
    My web site (written in php) has difficulty to display the symbols £, € etc. When text is called from a database, how can this be rectified?
  9. What is the php memory size limit your platform supports?
  10. How to enable Zend Optimizer/Ioncube support for my web hosting account?
  11. How to unzip files directly on the Server?
  12. How can I generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) so I can issue a SSL certificate for the website I am hosting with you?
  13. I have added my domain in the Hosted Domains section, but my site is not working?
  14. I cannot connect to remote scripts, RSS feeds or use cURL on my website?
  15. What will happen when my hosting account reaches the traffic limit?
  16. I have upgraded from free to a paid hosting account and my site stopped working?
  17. How can I delete my temporary internet files?
  18. How can I delete my temporary internet files?
  1. What is GDPR?
  2. What is personal data?
  3. Where is personal data stored?
  4. When will the GDPR come into effect
  5. Who falls under the GDPR?
  6. Do UK companies need to comply with the GDPR?
  7. Are there any fines/penalties for not complying with GDPR?
  8. GDPR data rights
  9. How can EU individuals make a data subject access request?
  10. What’s the difference between controllers and processors?
  11. How to request deletion of your personal information?
  1. What is a Domain name and do I really need one?
  2. How can I purchase a domain name?
  3. I signed up for your service however I wasn’t able to see my assigned subdomain/URL anywhere inside my control panel.
  4. How to use my already registered domain name with your web hosting service?
  5. Can someone see my personal information I provide when register a domain name?
  6. Is there a way to hide my personal contact information when registering a domain name?
  7. How can I change the path to my domains’ content?
  8. How can I change the custom(404) error page for my domain?
  9. How do I manage my domain’s MX, A, Cname, SPF, TXT, SOA records?
  10. I have created a subdomain however my subdomain is not working! Why?
  11. Do you have domain alias option i.e. two domains pointing to one and the same web site content?
  12. How can I set/change the NS records of my domains?
  13. I am trying to add my domain, but the error “Domain already exists in our database” appears in the Domain Manager?
  1. What is FTP and FTP Client?
  2. How do I upload my website?
  3. I don’t have FTP Client. Where should I get one from?
  4. What are my FTP settings so that I can establish FTP connection?
  5. How to Delete, Rename or Move files or directories?
  6. How to change permissions (CHMOD) of a file or a directory?
  7. Can I edit a files’ content through the Control Panel?
  8. How do I upload my files using the File Manager?
  9. I can’t establish FTP connection, I constantly receive this response ‘500 Unable to service PORT commands’?
  10. What are the upload limits on File Manager and FTP client for your free and paid hosting?
  11. How can I upload my website’s content and are there any restrictions?
  12. Why I constantly receive FTP error: Response: 426 Transfer aborted. Operation not permitted.
  13. My website returns “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING…”, how can I fix it?
  14. How can I find out whether my website is working properly for everyone?
  15. I have mistakenly erased my site files and was wondering if I can get a backup of my files?
  16. Why does my website look different on different browsers?
  17. I have made ASP.NET website, but when I access it it through a browser the Default.aspx is not displayed?
  18. I am trying to upload my website with Dreamweaver, but I cannot connect?
  19. I am trying to upload my website with FileZilla, but I cannot connect?
  20. I am trying to upload my website with SmartFTP, but I cannot connect?
  21. I am trying to upload my website with WinSCP, but I cannot connect?
  22. I am trying to upload my website with CoreFTP, but I cannot connect?
  23. I am trying to upload my website with WS_FTP, but I cannot connect?
  24. I am trying to upload my website with FireFTP, but I cannot connect?
  25. I cannot connect establish FTP connection, what should I do?
  1. How can I connect to my MySQL/PostgreSQL database? What settings should I use for my script/software?
  2. How can I access my database online?
  3. I can’t establish MySQL connection and get this error: “Warning: mysql_connect(): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) ?
  4. I am trying to access mysql via SSH command line, what is the path to mysql command via SSH?
  5. The SQL server is rejecting any INSERT queries. Why?
  6. Why in phpMyAdmin there is an error message “You have no privileges”?
  7. Is InnoDB storage engine supported?
  8. Can I manage my database created through the Hosting Control Panel from my local computer?
  9. How can I export a database using phpMyAdmin?
  10. How can I export a database using SSH?
  11. How can I import a database using phpMyAdmin?
  12. How can I import a database using SSH?
  1. How can I create an email account?
  2. What will happen if I delete a mailbox?
  3. What is a mailbox?
  4. How can I set a quota to an email account?
  5. I can’t send e-mail. All outgoing e-mails are being rejected. Why?
  6. What are my POP3/IMAP settings to configure it with email client?
  7. I can’t send e-mail. The error I receive is “Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue receiving this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).”
  8. I can’t send e-mails. It seems that the POP3/IMAP connection is not working. Please help?
  9. I am unable to use PHP mail() function from my paid hosting account, why?
  10. How to set up email forwarding?
  11. How can I add an e-mail alias?
  12. How can I access my Webmail?
  13. Example contact form (form-to-mail).
  14. I added an autoreply, but it is not working, can you help me?
  15. How can I setup an email account on MS Outlook?
  16. How can I setup an email account on Outlook Office 2003?
  17. How can I setup an email account on Windows Mail?
  18. How can I setup an email account on Mozilla Thunderbird?
  19. I am trying to establish SSH connection to my hosting account, but I cannot connect?