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All Day, All Night, Any Time Available Support Help

Support Team main tasks are to take care of the problems you come up to while using our shared hosting plans and domains registered or transferred to us. Any difficulties you might face in utilizing your control panel – we are ready to help you. Read extensive online documentation inside every section of the control panel under – Need Help Areas. F.A.Q. Help is where you can find the most frequently asked questions. In case you cannot find any good solution to your problem over our F.A.Q. and Need Help Areas, contact our technical support team by opening a Trouble Ticket from within the Control Panel.

F.A.Q. Help

Frequently Asked Questions are technical and general problems supposed to be oftenly asked by our clients while using certain part of our services. We have gathered all these questions and their detailed written solutions in our F.A.Q. Help sections. You can find explicit and separate F.A.Q. Help sections for the Control Panel. We recommend that you read F.A.Q. Help base before beginning any activities. This will foster your knowledge and better understanding of our services. For general help on how to use different sections of the Control Panel refer to Need Help Areas.

Need Help Areas

While F.A.Q. Help is where you can find specific problems and their answers, Need Help Areas is more like a user manual on how to use our services through their web interfaces. Inside the Control Panel we have a complemented help area on each separate section, upper right corner. It reveals information on what the specific section's purpose is, how you can use it and if there are any specific terms and their interpretation. We recommend that you read need help areas for your good comprehension and work with our control panel.

Trouble Ticket System

File a trouble ticket to our technical support if no solution from our F.A.Q. Help seems to be satisfactory to you or you do not know where to start from. You have to log in your Hosting Control Panel to open a trouble ticket. We aim to provide a quick and precise answer to your problem. To assure better performance of our technical support team and therefore faster and more precise help, we kindly ask you to open a separate ticket for every single problem. Once a particular issue is solved through a ticket, please do not ask for help on different topics inside the same ticket - just open a new one.